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The Best Car Show Signs Available – Backed by a 1 Year Warranty!


Car Show Boards

If you’re looking for a custom show car sign, Show Car Signs is your source for high quality, custom signs for your show car, truck, or bike. Whether it’s a classic, muscle, or modern car, we can design you a show car sign for you! Our show car signs our totally custom, with no templates used to create your sign. Every show car sign we is  printed with a 12-color photographic printer at 300 DPI, and mounted in our custom sign holders. When it comes to show car signs, our signs are best in show! And when you see how we make our car show signs, you’ll see why this is true!


Custom Designed Show Boards for Your Car, Truck, or Bike

All of our car show signs are custom designed with the information and specs that you want! Got a long list of mods or multiple pictures? That’s not a problem, we’ll get them on your car show board!

Show Boards Built to Last!

With over 10 years experience making the best car show signs, we know what it takes to build your show board to last . We don’t use foamboard or cheap banner stock, just great solid PVC signboard!

We Make The Best Car Show Signs… And we Back It Up With a 1 Year Warranty!!

Yes, you read that right!  We’re the only ones who backs up our work with a 1 year warranty!!  We’ve been making car show boards for over 10 years, and without a doubt we can say we make the most versatile car show boards.  Our boards don’t fade, have colors run when they get wet, or have any cheap Chinese made components that break.  But in the extreme case that it does, we will send you a new one.  We want you to enjoy your car show sign for YEARS, and we make the highest quality boards in order to do just that!

Ordering your Custom Show Car Sign is Fast and Easy!

If you have an image of your car and some basic specs, you can have your own custom show car sign shipped to you in just a matter of days! Our team will design your sign based on your vehicle and not a preset template! Got more than one picture you want to use? No problem! And we don’t print your car show sign without sending you the draft (usually sent within 48 hours) for approval.

Car Show Signs made for Your Car, Truck, or Bike!

Whether you show your car at the big shows like Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals, or just hit the cruise night in town, a car show sign is a must.  A great car show sign will tell the little details about your car that someone just looking at it might not even know about.  Plus a car show sign will tell people how it became your car!  We’ve done hundreds of car show signs for people who just want to share the story of their car, and a car show sign is the perfect way to do so!

Car Show Boards on Display

2013 Durango Car Show Sign 1929 Ford Car Show Sign 1932 Ford Car Show Sign1937 Ford Car Show Sign 1968 Charger Car Show Sign 1970 Duster Car Show Sign 1974 Honda Car Show Sign 1976 Riviera Car Show Sign Camaro Z28 Show Car Sign MGB Show Car Sign AMC Rebel Show Car Sign Olds Cutlas Show Car Sign Mercury Capri Show Car Sign Jeep Show Car Sign Corvette Stingray Show Car Sign

Fast Turnaround times for your Car Show Board

We pride ourselves on having fast turnaround times on your car show board. We make everything in house, and usually have your sign shipped within 2-3 days! We send drafts of your car show board usually within 24 hours after ordering. After that we print, mount, and ship your car show board in a day or two. We even ship your car show board fast, at the latest you’ll get your car show board ind 3 days via USPS Priority Mail. We know you want to get your car show board quickly so you can hit the shows and cruises!

Polished Aluminum Stand Included

Our car show signs come with a polished leg that lets you stand the sign up on their own. You won’t need an additional holder for your car show sign, but you can easily use a stand or easel with your car show sign. All you need to do is slip in the polished aluminum leg into the back of the car show sign and you’re done!!

When you order your custom show car sign you are ordering a sign that will last for years. Your custom show car sign will be printed on a durable vinyl, laminated for added protection from fading and mounted to a custom PVC sign holder. You won”t have to worry about your custom show car sign catching wind and damaging your car, or worse yet someone else”s!

Car Show Signs Done Right!

We’ve made show car signs for vehicles that have won at World of Wheels, Muscle Car & Corvette Nationals, and several premiere car shows around the world! Whether you have a 1000 point perfectly restored car or a just a fun project car; our show car signs will have your car looking like it belongs wherever it goes!

You too can have a custom show car sign, in just a few days! Let’s Start Making your Show Car Sign Today!