Car Show Board Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is a car show board?
    A car show board is really a sign that informs car show attendees, spectators, or judges about your car. A great car show board will not only list the specs or modifications of a car, but will tell the story about the car. Don’t be afraid to tell the story of how it became your car… that is what will get people interested in your car!
  2. Do I need a car show board?
    If you want a lot of people really interested in your car and get them to vote for you in a participant voting show, then you need a car show board. A great car show board will draw people towards your car, inform them about your car, and probably get them to vote for your car! A car show board will also help in judged shows by informing the judges of what they’re looking at and why it’s important!
  3. What size car show boards are there?
    We have three sizes of car show boards available, 12×18, 18×24, and 24×36. Our 12×18 car show board is great for stock or lightly modified vehicles and is big enough to cover the basic information. Our 18×24 car show board is the most popular car show board is great for stock and modified cars. These car show boards are easy to transport, easy to set up, but small enough not to detract from the vehicle. Our 24×36 car show board is great for restored stock vehicles or heavily modified vehicles. These car show boards are great for those who want to put a lot of information or several images on their car show board,
  4. What can I put on my car show board?
    Pretty much the sky is the limit as far as what we can put on a car show board. We’ve put build pics, broadcast sheets, original sales invoices, award certificates, trophy pictures, and magazine articles. Don’t be afraid to ask! Some of our best car show boards have begun with the question “Can I do this?”!
  5. What Images are the best for my car show board?
    As a general rule, the bigger the picture the better it will be for your car show board! If you have a good picture in .jpg format, you’re golden! It’s best to take the file straight from the camera or phone. Try not to edit it, that’s our job! The file size should be 2mb or more! The bigger the file size, the more detail it will have, and we can do a lot more for your car show board.
  6. Why do pictures from Facebook SUCK for a car show board?
    Facebook images are absolutely horrible for your car show board! Since Facebook has billions of stupid pictures of cats, babies, and peoples lunches, they have to compress the images to make them all fit on their servers. And the important pictures of cars get compressed too! This lowers the DPI from 150 to 72, which looks very bad when you blow the picture up for your car show board. So please, pretty please, avoid pictures from Facebook!
  7. How long does it take to make a car show board?
    It usually takes 2-3 business days from when you order until we ship the sign. It may take a day or two to e-mail a draft of your car show board. And then another day to print, laminate, mount, edge cap, and then ship out. A car show board. And since we ship by USPS Priority Mail, you’ll be admiring your awesome car show board in 2-3 days!
  8. Do I need a stand or easel for my car show board?
    No! Our car show boards come with a polished aluminum leg that slips into the back of the car show board to keep it upright. But if you do want to use your car show board on an easel or in a stand, you can by unscrewing the back plate from the car show board.
  9. How do I take care of my car show board?
    Simple, if you want to have your car show board last a long time, keep it dry and clean. Don’t use harsh cleaners, a slightly damp microfiber towel works wonders! If you need a bit more cleaning power, use an ammonia free glass cleaner or spray detailer
  10. What does your car show board warranty cover?
    Our 1 year warranty covers cracking, fading, corners bending or breaking, the laminate separating from the print, or the print separating from the board. If you have any of these problems with your car show board, just contact us… we’ll send you a new one!
  11. What’s the best way to contact someone about my car show board?
    Using our contact form is the best way to ask a question about your car show board. We try to do all of our communication via email so that everyone has what everyone said documented so that you get your perfect sign fast! We’re not always by our phone… we’re busy cutting sign board, printing, laminating, assembling and packing signs! We check our email regularly, so you will get a fast response!
  12. Why is there a 12th question about car show boards?
    Because we can!