If you are looking for a custom car show sign, Show Car Signs is your source for high quality, car show boards for your show car, truck, or bike. Whether it is a classic, muscle, or modern car, we can design you a car show board for you! Our car show signs our totally custom, with no templates used to create your sign. Every car show sign we is printed with a 12-color photographic printer at 300 DPI, and mounted in our custom sign holders. When it comes to show car signs, our signs are best in show! And when you see how we make our car show signs, you will see why this is true!

17 Shelby Mustang Car Show Board
2017 Shelby Mustang Car Show Board

Ordering a Custom Show Board is Easy

If you have an image of your car and some basic specs, you can have your own custom show car sign shipped to you in just a matter of days! Our team will design your sign based on your vehicle and not a preset template! Got more than one picture you want to use? No problem! And we don’t print your car show sign without sending you the draft (usually sent within a few days) for approval.

The Only Board Backed by a Warranty!

Yes, you read that right!  We’re the only ones who backs up our work with a 1 year warranty!!  We’ve been making car show boards for over 10 years, and without a doubt we can say we make the most versatile car show boards.  Our boards don’t fade, have colors run when they get wet, or have any cheap Chinese made components that break.  But in the extreme case that it does, we will send you a new one.  We want you to enjoy your car show sign for YEARS, and we make the highest quality boards in order to do just that!

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