Car Show Displays

For most of us, going to a car show is all about hanging out with friends and checking out other cool cars!  But really, we’re there to show off our cars! Most people stress out about having unique car show display ideas to set themselves apart from the rest. Most of the time the cars that take home awards usually have a great car show display.  There’s a lot of ways to set up your car show display.  It might be hard to come up with some good car show display ideas… but it’s actually easier than you think!

It’s All About Cleanliness

Preparing for a show is all about one thing… cleanliness!  You will want to make sure every part of the car is clean, from the engine bay, to the door jambs, even the inside of the wheels should be clean.  Most judged shows will look at every aspect of the car, including the undercarriage.  

Be prepared for a judge to get down with a flashlight and look at parts of the car that you would never even think about!  One rule to live by would be that if it can be looked at, it will be looked at!

Focus on the Car!

Most people think that good car show display ideas have to be elaborate, but the key to any showing off your car is to not let anything distract from the car.  Some of the top-tier shows will only allow a car show sign (also called a car show board) to be by the car.  They do this so that the focus is on the car, and not gimmicks around it!  

A car show display sign is simply there to provide important information about the car.  You may see things like where the car was bought, how many cars of that model were made, how the car was restored, or just why the car is important to the owner.  

Tell Your Story

Telling the story behind the car is critical at the car shows!  So having a car show board that does just that is a must!  At a minimum your car show board should have why the car is important to you.  Don’t be afraid to add documents and pictures to your car show display board! Having build sheets, sales invoices, restoration pictures on your car show sign will add more to the car’s story.

Having a car show board that is easily readable is going to to attract people to your car show display.  Your car show sign should be clear and concise is always good.  The better your car show board is, the better your car show display will be at attracting people to you and will lead to more votes from spectators and judges!  And if you need some ideas for what to put on your car show display board, check out our Car Show Board Samples!

And yes, car shows are just a little bit more fun when you’re able to take home an award!

Car Show Display Tips