Car Show Sign – Car Show Board Frequently Asked Questions

Our signs stand up on their own in our sign holders that don’t require an additional stand or easels. Simply slip in the polished aluminum leg into the back and you’re done!! Printed with our 12-color photographic printer and mounted in our custom holder, our signs will give you years of use!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I see a proof before printing?

Yes, we will send a proof of the sign within 24-48 hours of ordering.

Q: What info should I put on the sign?

The vehicle”s year, make, and model are good starters, but really we can put anything you want on it. Our philosophy is that it”s your vehicle, and you should share whatever you feel is important to the car.

Q: Can I have more than one picture?

Absolutely! just email any additional photos to info @ after placing your order.

Q: What are the best pictures to use?

Any picture of the vehicle with the hood down is best. We can crop out backgrounds, but we can’t edit any major damage.

Q: What format picture is the best to use?

JPG is great, so is BMP, but please try to stay away from GIF. Also, do not upload any picture that has been taken from Facebook or any image hosting service. Because they deal with so many images, they compress the images to save space… but a huge amount of detail is lost in the image after compression which really shows up when you put it on a large sign

Q: Can you use RAW images from a SLR camera?

Yes, and we’ld love you for having them!

Q: How soon do you ship the sign?

Usually 1-2 business days after the draft is approved.

Q: Can you re-print the sign if it”s damaged or the specs change?

Yes, and we can do it for a reduced rate. Contact Us for more info.

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Why is there a 10th Question? – Because we could!