Concours Car Show Display Stand

It’s a 24 hour drive to Las Vegas from Chicago, and although I have made the drive several times this trip was especially nerve racking. Not that the drive worried me, but seeing how the 19 Concours Display Stands would be received by the thousands of people attending the 2016 SEMA show. This show, the biggest car show on the planet, is really a love fest of cars, car parts, and people that love cars! Anyone who is anyone is there, and we were so happy to be there!

Back in 2005 when I started making Car Show Signs, it was more of a passion project for me that expanded into the amazing business that I run now. Didn’t have a printer, or a laminator, just a computer and a brain full of ideas. And over time I built the business with the business… no loans from mommy & daddy, no begging a bank for credit, just re-investing what i made. Yeah, there were quite a few pieces of equipment that I bought DOA and brought back to life, but that’s called sweat equity!

If you’re looking to start a business that won’t fail, this is the way to do it. When it’s your own money, you really learn how to manage it quick!

If you ever get the time to make a drive like this, you’ll see some amazing stuff along the way. I guess that’s life in general. Just have a destination in mind, don’r fear a detour here & there, bring along some family and friends to share the drive with, and you’ll have one hell of a great time! By far, the Car Show Sign, business has blessed me with meeting some great people, some great cars, and a tom of stories that they share! I wouldn’t trade it for the world! 🙂

So to say the least, having our Concours Display Stands at SEMA is quite the achievement. To have so many there, and having so many people complement them really made the journey worthwhile. To start out as a graphic designer, throw in a tom of blood and sweat, and now a little MIG welding to fabricate the new bases for the stands… well that journey was quite the experience!

The beauty of it all is the journey isn’t over…. just a little pit stop on the grand road trip of life. I’m taking it as an opportunity to refuel, refresh, and look back at where I’ve been. Because the road ahead is clear… just keep on making the best Car Show Signs, on the market!

The Long Road to SEMA